As you say goodbye to summer and usher in fall, if you are like most families, you will replace your featherweight summer bedding with comforters and quilts. Living in such harsh economic times that have characterized the recent past, replacing summer bedding with fall bedding can prove to be an expensive affair. Rather than buy expensive fall bedspreads from the department stores, you should start looking for frugal and economical solutions instead.

Because the weather is generally cold over fall when compared to summer, you will be looking at an aesthetically appealing bedspread and not a very functional one per se. In other words, if you decided to buy a bedspread fromĀ that would double as a quilt or duvet at night, it might be expensive than you had initially budgeted for. The best course of action would be to use what you already have.

If you have colorful top sheets, you can use them as bedspreads over your blankets or when the duvet cover is folded away during the day. Throw in colorful pillows and you have a crisp and clean looking bedroom during the fall. You can then easily fold the sheeting at night when you take on your heavy duvet or comforter that will keep you warm and cozy at night.

The best bargain sheets can be found at department stores on the clearance sales department. Since most stores would be clearing away the old summer stock in preparation for fall, you can rest assured of great bargains when you check out the clearance sales. By the same token, summer bedspreads would also be going at a very affordable rate. Rather than invest in an expensive fall bedspread just because it is a little heavier than a summer bedspread, you can purchase a summer bedding instead, and use heavy blankets beneath it.

You can also check out for bedspreads in flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales such as on eBay. Buying fall bedspreads on the internet can save you a substantial amount of your hard-earned cash. In yard sales for example you may not even have to pay more than $8 for one of these beautiful bedspreads mostly made of 100% cotton. Besides, you can bleach your new bedspreads (for disinfection purposes), and end up looking absolutely new and amazing. The other alternative would be to dye your new bedspread and sheeting to complement the bedroom theme color. A good dye goes for as little as $4.

There is so much that you can do in preparation for fall without losing your sleep over the cost of it. Just take your time to check out other amazing deals on the internet and you are sure to find a great and irresistible deal on a fall bedspread as well as other bedding for the fall season.