Losing weight is not easy for most people. Many people give up before they reach their goals. Only if they have a strong determination, I don’t know why they can’t lose those stubborn weights. You know what! What they really need is positive encouragement to push them further.

It was during lunch time at Sunset Boulevard that I accidentally bumped into Michael who was the teaching assistant at Colorado Technical University. To my astonishment, I didn’t have the confidence if it was really him because he looked different. I meant physically. As far as I could recall, he was having great issues with his weight.

He did set a goal to be physically healthy. He ,in positive mood, promised to himself that he would get rid of 100 pounds over several months. After two times of trying, he believed he could see result this time. It was almost like quitting smoking. Do you think he will make it? So, what made him so sure this time?

This was his strategy. He had some money to spend and decided to get a cross trainer after learning the great deal about elliptical machines when he stumbled upon a Schwinn 430 elliptical review. For his weight, running was too much for his joints to bear. Elliptical trainers provide low impact on the joints. While watching his preferred show after dinner, he wasted no time and started working out on his elliptical trainer. He also swam three times a week.

In his program, he also understand the importance of healthy eating. Before he went to work, he had a bowl of fruit salad. At noon, he had meat and veggie sandwiches which were prepared by his lovely wife. During dinner time, he ate a simple meal which consisted of lean meat with salad.

He avoided eating out which was difficult initially. I always remembered clearly that he enjoyed eating hamburger, lamb chops and Buffalo chicken wings. But it didn’t take long as he stopped thinking about them. He didn’t feel tempted anymore. During the previous three months, he successfully shed off 40 pounds. This was an amazing feat for him. Now he is ready to drop another 60 pounds in the subsequent months.

His success can be credit to the weight loss challenge on https://www.sportzfuel.com/. This is why he is always optimistic about his plan. He is not competing against himself this time. He invites friends with similar goals into the contest.

On the last day of every month, they compare results. They are doing this to decide who reach the most extreme weight reduction for that month. In every contest, there is bound to be a prize. So, this will go to the individual who win the contest for the month.

I have reasons to believe that the most vital contributor in this contest is the encouragement from people of similar weight concerns. They engage in a positive manner. You probably think the winner is the one that gains the most. Then you are wrong. It can be a health risk if you ignore the dangers of extremes. The challenge is a win-win situation. It is a happy moment to witness each contestant achieves their own goals. From the right perspective, the competition is to assist all of them to lose weight naturally.