Bee hive removal can be a real hassel if you attempt to do it alone. If you are deciding to take this route then you should take a look at our bee hive removal page. However, some people are unable to removal beehives by themselves. This could be more any number of reasons, but the main one is that the person is allergic to bees, and getting stung by one could put their health in jeapordy. So recently I have receiving many questions regarding bee hive removal cost and how much someone can expect to pay when paying someone to remove a bee hive.

First off when looking for a company to perform bee hive removal you should look for a locally owned mom and pop business. These businesses will generally not charge outrageous amounts of money to come out and survey the problem, in fact most of these businesses offer a free estimate of the potential bee removal cost. This is in stark contrast to some of the nationally known pest or bee removal companies such as orkin which in some places charge as much as 50 bucks just to come out and give an estimate. However when using local businesses the cost of the service may be a little bit higher as they cannot buy their materials in bulk like huge companies do. Instead they must buy just enough poisons or other materials for the job which in turn can drive the cost up a little bit. However with local businesses you will generally get better customer service then corporate businesses. Again this is just a generalization, you can use your own judgement when looking for a company to estimate the bee removal cost.

Now the location of the beehive will also have an effect on the price of bee hive removal. If there is a bee hive way up in the tree then you can expect to pay extra as the exterminators will have to climb the tree just to get to the location of the bee hive. Another bee hive location that will effect the bee removal cost is if the bee hive is hidden behind a wall in your home. This will cause the exterminators to have to find a way to drill a hole big enough to get in their and remove the bee hive. This can cost quite a bit more money than if the bee hive was simply exposed in the corner of your home.

In most cases you can expect to pay around 75 125 dollars as a base line for bee hive removal cost. Of course if any of the situations I mentioned before are present then the cost will rise. Again use your own discretion when choosing a bee hive removal company as this can make all the difference in your experience with bee hive removal. If it is a good company that gets the job done then that is great, however there are those out there that may come by do an ineffective job and then fail to make a return visit to fix the problem. The company is the biggest factor in bee removal cost.