In screen printing stencils are actually to be utilized. These stencils are made in 2 different techniques. It is made up either by hand or by source of electricity. Nylon, stainless steel and silk are definitely the kind of materials used on what printing is done. Ink passes through this area towards the other area of the stencils which is there in the frames. A flat board is utilized under the frame for printing. With the help of this, the rubber passes the ink coercing and the image is created.

Few things have to be taken into account while a person is doing or going to do screen printing work done

• A person should provide enough time while printing on the t-shirt is carried out.
• The preparatory work must be handed over to a professional designer.
• If at all possible use less number of colors. A lot more colors probably will make the look look chaotic.
• Pre-orders must be taken. Generally precautions are better then cure.
• Art work must be executed in vector designing program.
• Shipping plus transport charge should likewise be looked after.
• You should search and find out some good t-shirt printer. When you get a very good printer in that case your half the job is done.
• Screen printing and silkscreen is extremely beneficial and successful for t-shirt printing.

Certain points are to be noted before starting the printing work. It is better to take precautions while screen printing work is going on. Some of the major guidelines that are to be taken while executing screen display printings are as follows:

• Contact with inks, thinners, cleaners plus some of the other solvents are to be taken care of while printing.
• Some health issues for instance dizziness, headache, narcosis, light headedness and so on is usually caused if in habitation is not avoided.
• Sources of ignition must be taken off prior to heading towards the work.
• Flammable solvents has to be obtained in the less amount as possible to avoid accidents.
• Pigmentation on the skin is usually caused due to the solvents and chemicals hence gloves should be worn prior to starting with the work.
• Eatables and drinks or any sort of make up stuff should be prevented in the work place. That could create stains on prints and hamper the work.
• Exhaust fan or any kind of air flow should be provided for the water based printing.
• A person should be made alert of the pigments that could be hazardous and solvents that happen to be to be used in the water based printing work so that he is able to be careful and take precautions to avoid problems.
• Printing is usually performed with water, propylene glycol, or ethylene glycol is used.
• Slots that can prevent explosions and exhaust hood is essential in case lacquer stencils are utilized to the printing process.

So here are a few screen printing tips plus some precaution measures that needs to be kept in mind and put into action just before carrying out screen display printing to avoid uncertainties and damages that can occur.