Many homes and businesses suffer from the pest known as a cockroach. For many years people throughout the world have been looking for the best method of cockroach control. In order to control a cockroach infestation you need an effective cockroach killer. There are two main forms of cockroach killer, natural and biological. Natural cockroach killer is usually a safer alternative to biological killer as it has a less chance of harming humans. However biological killer is usually more effective if using the correct chemicals but can be more harmful to humans and pets.

Natural cockroach killer is a great alternative to biological killer. Natural killer is great to use when you have to worry about little kids or pets getting into the harmful chemicals found in the poison.

The first very effective natural cockroach killer is a mixture of common items found around the house. The first step is to borax and granulated sugar. Mix these two compounds together and put a small pile of this near known cockroach areas. The cockroaches wont be able to resist the urge to eat the sugar, which of course also means that they will consume the borax as well. Once the borax is inside their bodies the cockroaches inner organs will begin to fail and will cause death. You can knock out over hundreds of cockroaches with this simple cockroach killer. However unlike other natural killers of cockroaches you must be sure to keep this away from kids and pets as borax could be harmful if ingested by them.

Another form of natural cockroach killer is to mix baking soda with powdered sugar. The powdered sugar works much like the granulated sugar did in the borax/sugar mixture, it attracts the cockroaches to the deadly mixture. The cockroaches will start eating the baking soda and sugar mixture. The baking soda works much like the borax and will kill the cockroaches. Again you can kill a large number of cockroaches with this method if you make a big enough mixture.

You can also attempt to make a cockroach trap and kill them pests yourself. A very effective trap that I have used many times before is to get a large and tall glass container, you can use an old applesauce jar. Soak some bread in beer for a couple minutes them place the bread pieces on the inside of the jar. Be sure to coat the inside of the glass jar with a very slippery substance, you can use grease, oil, or peroleum jelly, any one of these works fine. Now create a little ramp on the outside of the jar to make it easier for the roaches to get it. Let the trap sit for a couple of days. When you come pack you can have up to a 100 roaches sitting in that jar waiting to be killed, or if you dont have the hear to kill the roaches you can always take them far away from your home and let them go, or maybe into your annoying neighbors house.

Another natural way of killing cockroaches is to fill a spray bottle with a dish washing detergent dissolved into hot water. You can now go around your house spraying any cockroach you see. This solution is a sure bet to kill the pests dead in their steps. Another safe and effective way of killing cockroaches.

Now we move to the chemical way of killing cockroaches. The methods written here are effective ways of getting rid of cockroaches however you must pay close attention to keeping pets and children away from these solutions.

Once chemical that seems to do a very good job killing cockroaches is boric acid. Boric acid is naturally found in the earth and appears to be very fatal to cockroaches. Boric acid is found in powdered form and is very easy to purchase in most hardware stores. Simply sprinkle this stuff near cracks or holes where you know cockroaches have been crawling around. When the cockroach comes into contact with this stuff he will become poisoned and eventually die. Boric acid is a very effective cockroach killer and has been used countless times exactly for that reason

Poisoned food bait is also a very common way of killing cockroaches. There are many companies out there willing to sell you food pellets that are specially created to first attract cockroaches and then the food is loaded with poison so as soon as the cockroach eats the food they start to die. These death traps are very effective and can be used almost any where in your house. However the one downside to this method is that you will end up finding cockroach corpses around you house, but this is better than cockroaches crawling all around your house.

These are great ways to kill cockroaches, however you should be sure you are dealing with cockroaches and not their cousins the termite which look very similar to the german cockroach. If you are infected with termites you may have to perform an orange oil termite treatment.