Let me paint a picture for you. Its hot outside, at least 95 degrees Fahrenheit. You are inside your house, but unfortunately the air conditioning has shut off. Its hot- too hot to think. Sweat drips down the side of your head as you lounge uncomfortably on your suede recliner, which traps heat like no other type of material on the face of the Earth. In order to distract yourself from the inferno that has now become the inside of your house; you try to watch some tv. Click, click, click- you flip through the channels trying to find something remotely (haha, get it, its a pun) interesting. Surprise, surprise, nothing good is on. You take a swig of your last remaining Coke, only to find that only a few drops remained in that incredibly refreshing can.

You have nothing left to drink, and that last swig left you thirstier than before. Once again, you turn back to the tv in a desperate plea for mind-numbing distraction. Boredom begets boredom and guess what, you are still bored. As you stare listlessly as the screen, preparing to go into a zombie-like state (with your mouth slightly agape and everything), a faint buzzing sound enters your consciousness. It begins subtlety, but quickly builds in amplitude (or loudness for all the simpletons out there). This simple noise has gone from a gentle vibration to an annoying screech! You quickly become irritated with this nuisance, and your irritation is only exacerbated by the fact that the front of your shirt is now soaked in your own sweat and those yellow pit stains that you thought white-out would cover up have now reappeared. As the buzzing continues, with no intend in sight, you begin to physically lash out. You frantically search for the source of the sound but to no avail. At this point, your blood pressure is rising and that vein on your forehead that the doctor warned you about is now busting at the seam. Its game on.

You spring out of the recliner, cognizant of the fact that you are leaving the recliner with a noticeably wet feelings. You get to your feet and begin to frantically dart your head around in every which way, searching for source of that endless droning. Finally, you find it. There is a small black speck speeding around the room- its a fly. Your mind tears with anger and you lash out at the fly with your hand. To no surprise, you miss. Again and again you swing at the fly, each attempt more hopeless than the last.

Furthermore, this physical strain only expedites the sweat production, and soon you become a waterfall of sweat. You bend over panting with your hands on your knees. Suddenly, the buzzing stops. You hold your breath for a second. Then you feel a slight prickle on the back of your neck as the fly lands on you. It has the audacity to touch you! This blatant insult sends you into a delirium, causing you to lash out once again at the nimble fly. Once again, your attempts bare no fruit and you are left a disgusting mess. After a few deep breaths, you gather up your dignity and look around the room, trying to locate that devilish fly. However, you are now surrounded by hundreds of flies that are all swarming around you; the buzzing, oh that dreaded buzzing, has now become absolutely deafening. Everything goes black.

Guess what, you have a fly infestation in house.