When you want to create a beehive farm in your backyard you have a couple options to choose from when trying to create a good living environment for your bees. One of the biggest questions that new bee hive farmers have is to choose the type of material that the bee hive will be made out of. The most common type of bee hive material is wood. Wooden bee hives have been in existence for many years and are very common. However, in recent years polystyrene bee hives have become much more popular and they have a couple key benefits over their wooden bee hive cousins.

Polystyrene bee hives are made out of a synthetic material that feels a lot like cotton. Bees really like this material as it allows them to hollow out their own chambers of the nest with relative ease. One thing that a lot of beekeepers say is great about polystyrene is the fact that it is so lightweight. Wooden bee hives can weight hundreds of pounds, but polystyrene bee hives can weight a fraction of that. Yet another benefit that polystyrene bee hives have is the fact that they can last much longer than wooden bee hives. Wooden hives usually only last a couple of years.

A soggy environment can make it last even less as the wood will be in a constant state of rotting away. They are also suseptible to being attacked by termites or other wood boring animals / insects that could wreak havoc on their home. Polystyrene bee hives on the other hand will hold up in the heaviest of rains and are not susceptible to being attacked by woodboring animals such as termites or carpenter ants.

In order to make your polystyrene bee hive last even longer and be more effective there are a couple of things you can do. First off you can paint your artificial polystyrene bee hive. The paint, when it tries will create small ridges that will make it very easy for the bees to cling onto and climb up. This will make the beehive much more enjoyable for the bees to live in. Also by painting your polystyrene bee hive you can make it so the polystrene will last a lot longer and be more durable than if you left it un painted. T

He paint will shield the material from the environment, especially the rain and wind. Polystyrene is also much more durable than wooden bee hives. Think about it if wooden is dropped accidently in shipping or putting the bee hive together it can crack and come apart. However, with a polystyrene bee hive if it is dropped then not much structural damage will be done to the bee hive.